Children's Camp Education Alliance (known as CCEA), a non profit organization, aims to share the latest camp education academic research, recognizenotable achievements in the camp education field, and promote youth growth & development through camp education. 
CCEA was founded by 11 professional international education institutions, including: Beijing Sailing Center, IDEAS Camp, Century Mind
Education, Glocal School Education, United World Colleges(China), Meisha Campus, Different Experience, New Oriental Global Study
Tour, Eastonk Education, YOOK Creative College, You Mei Camp Education Group (YMCE Group). CCEA board has grown in size by the
accession of 21 new board members, including: California Association of Student Councils (CASC), Summerhill Education (SE), Henan Jianpei Industrial Development Co., Ltd (knowns as Development), MomPicks, R&F Properties, Thaiwoo Ski Resort, JIFA Nature Education Camp, Sunshine Education, Ctrip Study Tour, Sida Camp Education, Champion Camp, YDJY8, Karl Witte International Academy (KWI), Naturewin, Edbeta Fund, Tongxing School, Aha School, Zhongde Camp Education, 3Bearkid Education Trip, Trip Story, Luoyang Liang Manor.
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